One bad decision can send you on a downward spiral that ends up with criminal charges and the possible loss of your freedom. While there may be no way to undo the damage that led to those criminal allegations, you will have to use all of your resources to confront the charges and defend yourself. This is difficult to do, because even misdemeanor charges in Dauphin County can carry heavy bail amounts. Anyone, including successful professionals, may not have access to enough cash to pay their own bail.

If coming up with the required bail money is a challenge for you, you’re not alone. This is why so many people turn to a Dauphin County bail bonds service. It’s very much like any other loan service, except that the loans are specifically used to pay a defendant’s bail. By arranging to utilize this type of service, you can obtain your release from jail, while you await your trial date.

Getting released on bail is important for many reasons. Since you don’t really know what outcome to expect at trial, this may be your last opportunity to be with your family for some time. Returning home allows you to connect with them emotionally, as well as giving you an opportunity to prepare for a future apart. Additionally, this time should also be used to gather witnesses and evidence for your defense. If you haven’t hired a criminal defense attorney yet, this is also the time to begin consulting lawyers.

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While you do have to pay a bail bonds service, the fee is far less than would you would have to pay to the court. The service will put up your entire bail amount in exchange for a small percentage. Since they get their money back upon your appearance in court, that smaller fee is enough to arrange your release. Without a bail bonds service to help you, you would likely have to sit in jail until your trial date. This can inhibit your ability to defend yourself, while also affecting your emotional state by keeping you away from your family. In this way, using a bail bonds service is as important as hiring an attorney to defend you against your charges.

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