Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a life changing experience and depending on the severity of the injury it can completely turn your world upside down due to the incompetence or negligence of a particular company or individual. After such an incident you should ensure you receive the appropriate level of compensation, it is advisable to hire an experienced brain injury lawyer to help you with the whole procedure.

What is a Brain Injury?

A brain injury is a blanket term used to describe any injury which has caused damage to the brain. The brain is a delicate organ protected by your cranial bones, and if damaged can affect a number of your bodily functions such as your nervous system. Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI happens when the brain suffers external trauma, this can be a result of many things including:

  • Sports related injuries
  • Assault
  • Car Crash
  • Falls

Effects on Your Body

TBI is also know as a concussion, it can be caused by a direct blow to the head, face, or neck area, it can also occur when the body is jolted in a violent motion such as in a car crash. Concussion may not present itself immediately put is important to monitor a person’s health if they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Problems associated with concussion can persist for a number of months and in some cases well beyond, this is known as post concussion syndrome. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a number of physical and psychological problems such as:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Problems with your vision
  • Insomnia
  • Paralysis
  • Pain
  • Problems with your balance and coordination

Challenging the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, so if they can avoid a costly court battle, they will opt to settle outside of court, but this does not always mean you have won, insurance companies will quite often use questionable tactics and strategies to make sure they do not lose too much money during a claim. A highly qualified brain injury lawyer will easily recognise these tactics and tackle the insurance company head on, they understand the law, and are more than capable of producing a satisfactory result.

Satisfactory Compensation

There are a number of brain injury solicitors in Kent, who specialise in representing clients who have suffered varying degrees of brain injuries. These personal injury lawyers are expert individuals who will enhance the prospect of you receiving the exact amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

No Win No Fee

The majority of brain injury lawyers will provide a service based on a no win no fee policy, this allows you to save money on expensive legal fees if your lawyer receives a positive settlement.

Choose carefully when you decide to hire a brain injury lawyer, if you hire incompetent representation you may be left with an unsatisfactory outcome. Pick a reputable lawyer who has significant experience dealing with your particular problem.

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