Exploring Las Vegas through Monorail or Tramp is the most convenient way of transportation. Their availability and long working hours have made them the first choice of the fun-busy people of this Gambling & Entertainment Capital of the World.

Monorails run seven days a week, since 7 AM till past midnight. They take you to seven different stops along the line and each ride between the stops takes approximately fifteen minutes.

Tramps are privately owned and are easy to travel to places which are beyond the reach of Las Vegas Monorail. They are all free and open to the public.

In spite of all the convenience, there were incidents in the past which raised security concerns over the travel using Las Vegas Monorail or tramp. In many instances, these transportation services were either closed due to fault or an accident.  In 2004, the Las Vegas Monorail system was opened to public use, but in less than the next two months, the entire service had to shut down for four months due to serious safety concerns. Then in September 2004, a large wheel came off, from one of the trains on the northbound route. Again, in winter of 2009, the brakes of the monorail failed, which resulted in several injuries.

Unfortunate events can occur to anyone but knowing your rights in claiming compensation for injuries suffered by Monorail or Tramp accident, can give you a great support.

Points for reference while making a personal injury claim for accidents by Monorail or Tramp

The most important point to refer here is that the Tramps and the Las Vegas Monorail system is privately owned. The Tramps are owned by large casino companies while the Vegas Monorail was originally created as a joint operation between two Vegas casino hotel properties before it came under the ownership of Las Vegas Monorail Company (LVMC).

The personal injury lawyers at Ladah Law Firm in Vegas suggest that the victims of accidents from these modes of transportation can take legal actions for compensation, due to their private ownership. There will be no special legal immunity bestowed upon them, unlike any government entity.

Here are a few points on which the personal injury claims can be made:

  • Accidents due to fault in Monorail or Tramp

Accidents occurred due to a fault, are legally liable for compensation. The Negligence Laws and Comparative Negligence Laws decide the value of compensation, based on the amount of fault shared by each involved party.

  • Common Carriers require a higher standard of care

Both Monorail and casino Tram networks are legally classified under ‘common carriers’, which are held to a higher standard of care, to ensure health and safety of their passengers. Any failure to do so can become a favorable point while contesting a lawsuit.

  • Comparative Negligence is important while filing the claim

Negligence is comparative in Nevada, which means the victim may share the blame of accident due to some level of negligence on his/her part. For example, accident due to slip on a slippery surface may have been claimed to occur due to the inattentiveness of the victim. The compensation amount in such cases is reduced. Make sure, that the comparative negligence should not be wrongly enforced. Talk clearly with your attorneys for fair and just compensation.

  • Financial relief you can expect

The claims for personal injury cases may be made for:

  • Hospital, emergency room and ambulances fees
  • Treatment and medical specialists’ consultation
  • Medication and medical equipment expenses
  • Lost of income and future wages
  • Long-term disability
  • Physical and mental pain & suffering
  • Mental anguish

Your trip to Nevada and Las Vegas must be full of pleasant memories. But if not, you must seek legal and medical help from the experts of respective fields. This may ease your troubles to some extent.

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