Did You Slip and Fall on a Palmdale Lancaster Property? Know If You Have a Personal Injury Case

Slip and fall accidents are quite common in Palmdale Lancaster, accounting for thousands of emergency visits annually. They can lead to different injuries including broken bones, internal bleeding, concussions, and spinal cord injuries. These injuries can change your life and require expensive treatment. Because of them, you may not be able to work, provide for your family, or take part in leisure activities. 

If you have been harmed after being involved in a slip and fall accident, Palmdale Lancaster personal injury lawyers can help you understand your legal options. Slip and fall cases are complicated, so you have an attorney on your side to represent and advise you. Here’s what your personal injury attorney can do for you:

Assess Your Slip and Fall Case

When your attorney takes your case, they will find out what occurred. They will look into the location of the accident, the cause, and whether or not warning signs were posted. The information your attorney can gather will help them create an argument to validate your personal injury claim based on full knowledge of the applicable laws and the results in past slip and fall cases. 

Investigate Your Accident

Just because you slipped and fell on somebody else’s property does not mean you automatically have a personal injury case against the owner. Your claim’s viability relies on the details of how the risky condition was made, how long it had been that way, and who made it. To determine liability in slip and fall cases, interviews and security camera footage reviews may be necessary. Thus, you need a lawyer who is familiar with investigating this kind of accident. 

Determine Liability

The liable party is the one responsible for making sure the premises are safe. If you had an accident in a commercial property, liability may be assigned to the store owner or manager. If the slip and fall accident took place on a residential property, you may hold the property owner or landlord liable because they have the responsibility to make sure the property is safe for tenants and guests. 

No matter the party responsible for the accident, they may have an insurance provider that will handle your claim. Remember that this company will always pay you as little money in compensation as possible. They may even use different tactics to pressure you into accepting their lowball settlement offer. Also, they will look for a reason to deny your claim. Thus, hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure you have an expert to handle the insurance company on your behalf.

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