Studies have proved that distracted driving is more dangerous than driving a vehicle while intoxicated. Distracted drivers may not have their minds and eyes on the road, and this has a significant impact on the driver’s reaction time. In vehicle accidents, a difference of three seconds can bring the difference between causing a fatal crash and not getting in a vehicle accident.

The potential risk is even heightened whenever semi-truck drivers are distracted. Given the overall weight and force associated with commercial trucks, these vehicles are likely to result in catastrophic crashes in case something goes wrong. They can cause instant deaths and extensive damage to other vehicles and even properties nearby.

Besides, a single truck can cause a crash with multiple cars and other vehicles spread across several lanes. In case fatalities don’t occur, truck accidents can cause severe injuries to the occupants in passenger vehicles. These injuries may range from simple bruises and cuts to gaping wounds and even broken bones. Traumatic brains injuries may also occur. If you or your loved one has been involved in such crashes, it is important to hire a good Spokane truck accident lawyer to help you start the process of pursuing a personal injury claim.

Different types of driving distractions

Generally, driving a truck is challenging at the best of times. Whenever the driver is distracted, various types of accident might occur. Loud must can distract the driver from the road or even radio broadcasting warnings for truck drivers. Besides, improperly secured seatbelts can cause the driver to lose focus on other nearby vehicles and the road.

Inadequate rest can also lull the truck driver into sleep. Falling objects (inside the vehicle) or on the road may pull the driver’s attention instead of the road ahead. Studies have shown those truck drivers who use their phones and other handheld devices while driving is more likely to cause road accidents. Indeed, texting while driving is perceived as the most severe distraction as it takes the truck driver’s eyes, hands, and mind off the road.

Preventing distracted driving

Distractions can be prevented if truck drivers are cautious and careful while driving. Smartphones and other handheld devices should not be used when driving. All the items in the truck should be well-secured so that they don’t fall while you are driving. Remember to put paperwork and anything else that can be blown by the wind if you plan to open the windows. Physical documentation flying throughout in the vehicle can be a distraction too.

Truck accident cases

Generally, litigation can arise from victims of the truck crash. Damages associated with traffic accidents require expert analysis to establish what exactly happened and the specific driver to blame for the accident.

Note that truck and other vehicle insurers tend to cover claims for compensation of vehicle repairs and medical expenses. Thus, it’s in the best interest of the victims of road accidents to seek the help of an experienced attorney to get fair compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, necessary vehicle repairs, pain, and suffering as well as other relevant damages.

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