Annulling a marriage is not only difficult for the couple but to their children as well. Therefore, most couples prefer to end the separation process in the shortest time possible to reduce further emotional torture. Once a couple decides to get a divorce, they assume that the process will run smoothly and fast; they also have an urge to end the process quickly. They, therefore, end up hiring the wrong divorce lawyers in Sydney. The events that follow this decision are regrettable and draining for the couple; they rarely complete the dissolution via out of court methods and end up with a lengthy and expensive court hearing. The stress is also passed on to the kids whose interests, preferences and needs play a significant role in the divorce; parents have to consider their emotional and physical welfare. How then can one avoid hiring the wrong divorce lawyers close-to Sydney? Here are some tips on searching for most reputable Sydney family lawyer:

  • Start looking for annulment lawyers around Sydney immediately you detect irresolvable disputes in a marriage. The stress and the rush of finalizing a divorce is one of the reasons why people hire incompetent and unreliable attorneys. Most a times, people end up with an attorney because of convenience and not because of qualifications and experience. Beginning the selection process provides adequate time for vetting the expertise of the individual attorneys before settling on the best one. Additionally, don’t forget to check whether your partner has consulted a lawyer as well; this will ensure that you do not visit the same law firm.
  • Consult trusted sources: Most people assume that the best way of searching for divorce lawyers within Sydney is via the internet. The internet search only helps in identifying attorneys with the best-optimized websites and not necessarily the best skills. It is worth noting that even when searching the internet, it is worth to get a few word of mouth referrals from people who have utilized the services of dissolution attorneys nearby Sydney. Therefore, ask friends who have undergone a marriage annulment, financial advisors, and other attorneys. Interestingly, divorcees may have the best recommendations especially if they feel that the case was concludedin their favor.
  • Once you meet potential separation advocates in Sydney, ask questions that will help in determining whether they are fit to represent you. The issues should touch on their level of experience, the preferred case strategy, the legal options for you and the kids, legal fees and whether they’ll personally handle the case. While asking these questions, consider whether you feel comfortable around the lawyer and whether they communicate in a language that is both clear and understandable.
  • After the meeting with the divorce solicitors around Sydney, ask yourself if the attorney took time to listen to your case and if the case strategy suggested seemed practical. Also, evaluate whether they gave unrealistic expectations that may only cost you more without producing any results.


Taking time to interview divorce lawyers in Sydney saves you from stress and unreasonable court cases. Good lawyers try their best to resolve the divorce process outside court

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