With a Healthcare Power of Attorney, you appoint someone to take medical decisions on your behalf. However, you need to choose such a person with a lot of care. First of all, he should be a responsible adult having mental competence. In the majority of states, the law has specific rules on who can or cannot be an attorney-in-fact. Find out how to choose an agent for executing the authorities to be bestowed on him / her by a healthcare POA.

He should be a strong person

The attorney-in-fact needs to be someone who is not intimidated easily by medical professionals or doctors. Your agent might have to take a robust stand to execute your wishes, even if they go against conventional medical advice. It would also be advantageous to have an agent having enough knowledge about medical science, even when they lack formal education about the subject.

He should obey your wishes

You would like to ensure that the agent you choose for your medical power of attorney form will carry out your wishes, even when they do not really agree with your chosen options. For instance, if you are suffering from a terminal ailment and would want all medical treatment to be stopped, you might not wish to choose someone as an agent who has strong views about the preservation of life at any cost.

Should not be a health care provider

In most states, when it comes to a power of attorney for personal care, the law stipulates that anyone who provides you with health care services might not work as your agent. It is not necessarily have to be a member of your family. Practically, your agent has to be someone you rely on in order to execute your wishes and to serve according to your best interests. Visit this website to download Virginia power of attorney form and Ohio power of attorney for free.

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