There’s nothing greater than to have a loving family that will give you happiness until the end of your life. Seeing your children and grandchildren happy is a wish of every elderly person.

Aside from the happiness and enjoyment, you also have an obligation toward them. If you have more children, you’re obligated to make a will and properly distribute the estate and belongings you own. See more about this on the link.

The worst thing a person can do is to let their children fight over the inheritance. Instead, a will written by a professional attorney will do the job and leave everyone happy afterward.

Of course, the law of the state you’re located in will make things their way, but this is not the proper way to leave things to roll. Instead, you should do everything while you’re alive, and make a precise will in which you’ll state your wishes.

What role the lawyer does here?

If things seem so simple, then why hire a lawyer, someone might think to themselves. However, everyone must know that a professional in this field is much needed.

The representative of the law is skilled and experienced in situations like these. A great probate attorney will be there for you during the process of making the will, and after you pass away. They are going to conduct the process with your children, and make sure everything goes smoothly and respectively.

You don’t want to see everyone in your family fighting over your inheritance. You want them to respectively accept what’s left and show their grief the proper way.

What you can expect from the attorney is to set up the proper documentation and conduct the entire process. It may not be too complex, but it still requires a professional who’s experienced in this craft.

What do they do after the client pass away?

When a probate lawyer is mentioned, everyone thinks about an old person who dictates what the descendant left for the family members. Like in the movies. The job is much more complex than this.

The lawyer is going to do lots of administrative work, such as handling insurance obligations, locating all the assets that might have been forgotten, preparing the documents for the probate court, taking care of the property’s checkbook, handling the taxes, and a lot of other things.

When everything’s done, they are going to call the family members and present the situation to them. If there’s a will, they’ll read what’s in it, and continue the paperwork after everyone agrees to it.

What if there’s no will?

If there’s no will, the law in each American state will dictate how it is going to be distributed. Depending on the place where you live, you’re going to have a different approach to the situation. You can see more about this issue on, where professionals share their knowledge.

This is why it’s crucial to hire a local attorney. You need someone who will best handle the issues, because they are aware, and understand deeply the procedures from a particular state and city.

How to find the best one?

As we mentioned, the location plays a major role. You don’t want to look over the internet about the best lawyer in the business and ask someone to travel thousands of miles to your city, just because you heard they are amazing.

This person isn’t going to be understanding the local laws, and they surely never practiced this law. Always look for a local person. It’s best if you look for someone in the same city. Someone that will easily go through the local administrative labyrinths.

Check previous clients’ reviews

The reviews on the internet are going to help you perfectly when searching for the right person. Every single registered and licensed lawyer in the US is available for research on the internet.

There are databases on many websites offering information on attorneys. You can go through them and search by location, or by field. In other words, you can find anything you want to know about them.

From the track record to experience, to alma-mater university. Everything’s available for you online. What you need at this point, and is the most valuable for you, is the reviews left from previous clients of theirs.

See what they think about the work of particular lawyers. Check out who’s ranking the best in your area. Find out more about their attitude, professionalism, how they handle particular tasks, and are people generally satisfied with their work.

You don’t want someone making jokes during the process of opening the will. This is a touchy moment for everyone in the family, so you need someone who’s going to handle the issue best.

Look only for licensed attorneys in the field of probate law

In the world of law, there are dozens of different attorneys. From corporate to criminal lawyers, there’s everything you might need. In this case, you should only be looking for a probate attorney. No other type will know how to handle this properly.

If there’s just a slight mistake in the process, you might end up with a wrong procedure that might cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine losing a house because the attorney was not skilled or didn’t understand the probate law perfectly. You don’t want something like this.

Instead, search online for that exact profession – probate lawyer. You’ll see that more people are skilled in it, and some of them have tons of experience. Those who are the most experience simply can’t do a mistake. You know you’re in the right hands there. See more about these types of attorneys here.


These few points explain why you need a great probate lawyer and how to find one. Don’t let the state dictate how you’re family is going to get your estate. Hire a professional, listen to their advice, and do what they think the best is. After your passing, you can be sure that your family will be in good hands too.

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