It’s never pleasant to find yourself in the middle of an accident, but it’s even worse if the accident results in personal injury. This type of injury usually happens in car crashes and the actors involved require immediate medical help.

Accidents happen, but there are responsibilities that someone has to take after them. Someone has to pay the bills for the damage done, but more importantly for the injuries that occurred. Human life is the most valuable asset and there’s no price to compensate it.

When you find yourself in the middle of something like this, you should be looking for someone who knows how to handle personal injury cases. In Charleston, there are lots of companies and lawyers, but you need only the best. You should search for them and hire only those who are the best.

In this article, we’re going to help you do it. We’ll show you the best ways and practices to search for an attorney and hire the one that will help you get justice. Keep up if you want to know what the best methods are, and how to handle this issue.

Ask some friends and family for recommendations

Someone around has surely dealt with the same problem. Ask them how they handled it. They’ll probably tell you the names of the offices they worked with. For example, a colleague at work might have hired the Scott E. Kegel Law Offices in Charleston, while someone in your family hired another company and they were both satisfied.

What is crucial here to know is that although these recommendations are great, they don’t reveal the entire picture you need to know. One recommendation means nothing, and you must keep on searching until you find the best.

It’s great if you hear more people say the same name, but this is not likely. There are more personal injury offices around the county and people surely didn’t only hire one. What is crucial is to see which one your friends and family were not satisfied with. This is much better information than who were they satisfied with.

Look for online reviews

Another excellent idea is to look for the same on the internet. Pages like Yelp, Trustpilot, and BBB are experienced and skilled in providing reviews for various industries and companies. They have millions of users across the country and help all of them daily.

When you’re searching for attorney recommendations, you have lots of specified pages for this need. Pages like Avvo, Lawyer, but also the ones we mentioned. They all do a valuable job in helping you find the right one for your needs. If you have the time, make sure you go through all of them and see how companies in the area rank.

One of the most valuable features these websites provide is the feature of leaving comments for companies visitors had the chance to work with. These comments are excellent to show you what you need to know. The comments are going to provide insightful information that will be a game-changer for you. See how reviews work here.

Aside from the general score, go through various people’s opinions and see what they have in mind. Read what the downsides are and what the positive sides of a law firm are. Some might give poor scores because they didn’t like how their attorney look, but you surely know that the physical appearance has nothing to do with your case and getting justice.

Call the companies and ask for their services and expertise

When you have a list of a few options that are worth considering, you should be calling them one by one and checking out what they have to offer. Talk about their expertise, experience, who’s the main attorney that would be leading your case, how much they charge, how do they charge, and everything you might be interested in.

Through these talks, you’ll surely understand who you’re dealing with and is it worth spending time on them. Sometimes, our hunch is enough to realize who we should be working with. We are all individuals and different and we need to set a different approach towards the clients we hire.

One of the crucial issues you need to ask and learn about is their expertise. Check out who part of their team is and how experienced they are. You can check their attorneys on the internet. Find out where they studied, how much experience they have, and who did they work with.

It’s not the same to hire a lawyer that studied at Harvard and has 20 years of experience, and someone who finished night school and has just started their legal practice. You understand that the first one is always a better option.

Track down their track record

A track record is a statistic for a particular lawyer or company. It is the score that they managed to keep from the beginning of work until today. The track record shows how many cases they’ve won, and how many they managed to lose.

The track record is an excellent way to find out who’s worth hiring. However, in the business of personal injury, you might sometimes fight windmills as the injury may have happened from someone that you can persecute. That’s why although the track record is important, it is not crucial for calling an injury lawyer successful or not.


Finding a great injury lawyer in Charleston is not easy as there are tons of companies providing services like this. It’s not a small city, and lots of things happen around it. However, with enough research and dedication, you’ll find what you’re looking for. See what else is important when hiring an attorney here:

Going through the internet database of information, check with your friends and family for recommendations, and talking about your options will reveal a different picture of who you’re about to work with. If you do thorough research, be sure that you’ll find the perfect attorney in Charleston.

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