Car accidents can be one of the most stressful incidents of one’s life. While one deals with the trauma caused by the incident, there is excruciating physical pain and mental agony too. Quite naturally, people often feel confused so as to what they should do in such a situation. But do not let the confusion get the better of you.

King Law, a Rochester car accident attorney, opines that the first few decisions have the most far-reaching impacts in such cases. In fact, if you neglect the crucial points initially, you may have to pay a high cost for it later. So what are the essential steps that you must not miss out on in such a situation? Read through the points below to find out:

Call the Authorities

The first impulse that people usually have after they face a car accident situation is to move their vehicle to a safer spot. But that is entirely wrong. Do not move your vehicle at any cost until the authorities reach the situation. When you move your vehicle, authorities cannot really ascertain who was at fault.

By doing so, you unwittingly end up tampering with the evidence that may have helped you. So do not move your vehicle until the authorities ask you to do so.

Seek Medical Help

After suffering an accident, it is important that you and other passengers in the vehicle avail necessary medical help. Listen to what the paramedics present at the situation say and co-operate with them fully. Sometimes, accidents do not leave behind visible marks and scars, but they cause internal injuries that come to the fore later. Those injuries can prove far more severe than the external ones.

So as soon as you get the opportunity, go for a complete medical checkup. Also, make sure you keep all the medical reports properly to help you in settling your claims later.

Document the Incident

Car accidents more than often lead to personal injury lawsuits. The at-fault party may try to shift the responsibilities on your shoulder. Or there may be cases where multiple parties are involved. Mere words are not enough to prove your point. Sometimes the investigation reports compiled by the police may also be insufficient to protect your interest.

So, it is best to be prepared for the worst situation right from the beginning. At the first opportunity that you get, document the entire incident in your words with specific attention to details and the timeline. Also, click pictures of the vehicles involved from all possible angles. This can prove to be valuable evidence in your support later.

Collect Details of Witnesses

If there have been some witnesses to the accident, you may require their support later. So it is essential that you collect all the necessary details such as their names, addresses and phone numbers. This will make it easier for you to contact them later.

Having a qualified lawyer to represent your case can increase the chances of winning several folds. So keep these essential points in mind and make your journey to recovery smoother.

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