Criminal attorneys defend all types of criminals irrespective of whether they are robbers, murderers or drug dealers. Their interest in defending the rights of these people places them at loggerheads with the general public; they are viewed with disdain especially if they win a case involving notorious criminals. However, what would the world be without this type of lawyers? It is not every day that they represent real criminals; some people are accused falsely of grave criminal activities and can only rely on the criminal attorneys for help. For someone facing criminal charges in Sydney, Australia, the question on their minds is, are the criminal lawyers best in Sydney? This is a difficult question because it is impossible to generalize the conduct of all Sydney lawyers. It all depends on the personal attributes, professionalism and experience of the individual attorneys. However, some attributes are unique to attorneys in Sydney. Here are just a few of them:

  • They maintain a high level of integrity: The issue of integrity may be interpreted differently by different people. Nevertheless, one thing is clear, criminal barristers in Sydney are honest and don’t resort to unethical ways of achieving the best possible outcomes in a case. That means that they do not convince their clients that the stakes of winning a case are high while they are so low. They also do not bribe or intimidate witnesses or prosecutors in the hope of gaining some favors. If a lawyer compromises on integrity, then there is no point in entrusting them with your case. The chances are that they’ll abandon the case when it gets too hot to handle.
  • They possess unbeatable negotiation skills: Finding an appropriate answer to the question: are the criminal attorneys’ finest in Sydney means going deeper into the conduct of these lawyers. It is worth noting that most criminal cases are resolved out of court through alternative methods such as mediation or negotiation. Since the litigation method is quite expensive, most people prefer pursuing the out-of-court methods. They, therefore, rely on the negotiation skills of their attorneys; if an advocate fails to negotiate as expected, the case is likely to proceed to trial. Therefore, criminal advocates in Sydney are known for excellent negotiation skills outside of court and in the courtroom as well. They do all this in a bid to reach the best deal for their clients.
  • Their research skills are unconquerable: If you have an attorney who is not bothered to dig deeper and uncover hidden facts about a case, then that’s a big problem. Good public defenders take time to analyze the facts that the police and opposing counsel may have overlooked. Once armed with relevant details and facts, they can develop a case strategy likely to favor them in court.
  • Their attributes earn them more clients and good standing in the legal profession: Clients like dealing with barristers who are understanding, free to talk to and conversant with legal matters. They also articulate their ideas in clear, understandable language.


Other skills that make Sydney criminal attorneys the best include analytical skills, perseverance, and excellent courtroom skills. These attributes give a satisfactory answer to the question: are the criminal defenders best in Sydney?

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