Divorce is a complicated process that can last longer than you may expect. In North Carolina, the main requirement to file for a divorce is to be separated from your spouse for one year, there are many things you should do to prepare for divorce and ensure your rights are protected. You must make tough decisions in a short period. You can make this process easier and less stressful if you consider the following guide:

What to Do Before the Divorce

Before you file for divorce, consider talking to a marriage counselor to help you cope. Also, your counselor can give tips and strategies on how to deal with your emotions. A good marriage counselor will try to find the middle ground where you and your spouse can meet and reconcile. 

In addition, you should also contact a charlotte family law attorney before you make any decisions. Your attorney will help you understand your rights under state law and guide you through the divorce process.

It is also important to collect legal documents that will assist you as you prepare for divorce. These include a copy of your marriage certificate, any prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements, licenses, trust documents, wills executed during the marriage, and other documents. 

What to Do During the Separation

You can best prepare for divorce by keeping copies of the financial details you have built up over your years together and those that belong to you alone. Collect information on all financial accounts, assets, real estate property, tax information, and legal information. Also, create a list of the bank accounts you and your spouse have, checking and savings accounts in your name, along with all credit cards, previous year statements, and login information for joint accounts. Other important things you have to pay attention to during your separation include debts, bills and finances, marital home, children’s expenses, and business information if you own a business. Determine whether you must revoke any power of attorney documents that name your spouse as your agent.

What to Do After the Divorce

Doing everything right to prepare for your divorce will leave you with very little work to do when your divorce is finalized. But, you still have to amend your will after you waive the rights of your ex-spouse to inheritance in a Separation Agreement. Also, you should change beneficiaries to any retirement and investment accounts after you separate and again as needed after your divorce has been finalized. 

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