You need to hire a car accident lawyer if you suffered from a traumatic car accident. Let’s say you damaged the car in the process, and you also suffered from injuries – you’d want to get as much as possible from your car insurance. Hence, you need a car accident lawyer by your side as you prepare to go against the insurance company. To find a great car accident lawyer, these are some of the most crucial questions you need to ask.

How long have you practiced injury law?

You want a seasoned lawyer who has years of experience doing the job. You need someone who can go head-to-head against a giant insurance company,  but If you choose a lawyer who is yet to have a major battle against other seasoned lawyers, it could lead to your stunning defeat.

Does your practice focus only on car accidents?

Although it is an excellent idea to have a well-rounded lawyer, it is not always the case. You need someone who specialises in car accidents and understands what the job requires. Over the years, car accident lawyers keep sharpening their skills in responding to specific questions so they know what strategies the other party might deploy to limit your compensation.

How many car accident victims have you represented?

The number of people a lawyer has represented tells you that they have received the trust of many people. If they represented a lot of them in court, it shows that they are the top choice above all other options. However, you also need to avoid a lawyer who is extremely busy, as you want someone who has enough time and can focus on your case.

Do you belong to any professional organizations?

Asking about professional memberships is an excellent idea because not all these organizations accept anyone because they are a lawyer. Some of them only take lawyers who already proved that they could do a great job and have a fierce reputation in the industry. Most likely they have also maintained a good relationship with other lawyers.

What do you think about my case?

During the initial consultation, you can start asking about the assessment of your case. You need to find a lawyer who will remain optimistic about your situation and tell you that you have a strong case. You can also ask if the lawyer thinks you will most likely go to trial, or if meditation is a possibility since asking these questions is important because you will know how far your lawyer will go in defending you. The quality of the responses will also tell you if the lawyer is an expert regarding the subject.

What are the legal fees?

If you worry about the legal fees, you can ask about them during the consultation. Some lawyers ask for hourly rates and others will only require you to pay if you receive a settlement. There could also be other charges along the way, so you need to know all these details since you might end up spending the amount you won paying legal fees.

After receiving the responses to these questions, you can decide if you will hire the lawyer.


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