Car collisions are one of the most stressful situations in one’s life. You may be the victim or the guilty person. The accident can cause different emotions. You can become angry or get scared. The best thing that you can do is not to show too much reaction on the spot. However, these car crashes can be of various types, and one of them is the rear-end crash.

Situations causing rear-end crashes?

In most cases, these are minor accidents. But, you may also find the instances, where the results are highly distressing. Let’s briefly describe how these accidents can occur. You have stopped your car for a red signal. At that time, another driver, busy with the different activity, hit your vehicle from behind. As this vehicle has been running at lower speed, you may find minor effects from the accident. However, while this is a highway accident, the overall impact can be devastating. You may face legal issues, and to solve it, you have to speak to the lawyers at Rand Spear Law Firm.

You will also find the more complicated multi-vehicle or chain-reaction crashes. Most of the insurance agencies try to make the other car drivers liable for the incident. Thus, you must not give any information to the insurance agency that assists them to protect the insured person. This will cause many problems to you, and you can solve it with legal help of Rand Spear Philadelphia auto accident attorney.

Which driver is guilty?

The Pennsylvanian laws state that a driver, causing rear-end accidents, from behind, must keep up the right distance from another vehicle. It will be easier for him to stop and prevent the collision.

Although you may think that these rear-end crashes are very simple cases, it is much complicated from the legal viewpoints. Thus, hiring a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Rand Spear is highly essential to you.

There’re some situations when the front vehicle driver is found to be guilty. He can stop his vehicle suddenly without reason.  Thus, since the rear driver cannot get an indication of this action, he becomes unable to prevent rear-end collision. Speak to your attorney to settle the legal issues.

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