If you are injured at work, you may file a disability claim to receive compensation for your injuries while you are unable to return to work. Unfortunately, many of these claims are denied. If this happens, it may be smart to hire a disability lawyer. The long-term disability insurance you have, regardless of if it is individually purchased or employer-sponsored, should provide coverage if you are disabled. After all, this is what these plans are designed for. They are there to provide peace of mind for times when you cannot work.

Unfortunately, getting the coverage needed doesn’t always go as smoothly as you would hope. When issues arise, it can be beneficial to hire Iowa disability lawyers. Keep reading to learn some of the top benefits offered by this legal representation.

Avoid Missing Deadlines

After your disability insurance claim is denied, you have a set amount of time to appeal the decision. Usually, you have 180 days, and after that period has passed, your ability to appeal the decision is gone, too.

If you hire an attorney, they will take time to make sure you have doctors’ information to prove your disability claim. They can also let you know if additional information is needed to support your appeal. Make sure you aren’t waiting until the last minute to hire an attorney, as this may make it impossible to build a strong case.

Ensure the Completeness and Correctness of Your Appeal

By hiring a long-term disability attorney before filing a lawsuit, you can feel confident they will get to work right away. They will also gather all the evidence necessary to either settle or win the case.

The attorney will also know the questions to ask your doctor to support your appeal claim. Having a conversation between an attorney and your doctor will be much more effective when trying to frame an argument against an insurance carrier for you. Ensuring your appeal is complete and correct is going to increase the likelihood of success.

Build a Solid Case

An attorney can request information from the insurance company about your claim. They can then get input from your caretakers and doctors to ensure that the needed proof is provided. The attorney will also get to know everyone who should be involved in the process to ensure the case has the best chance of success.

Trying to handle a denied disability claim alone can be quite challenging. However, with the help of an attorney, you can have a better chance of having your case approved and receiving the disability benefits you deserve.

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