Utah’s car insurance follows a no-fault car insurance scheme. It means the injured drivers and passengers must claim their own PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for immediate medical expenses. Personal insurance will take responsibility for other losses as well. The faulty driver will be responsible for paying compensation only in certain cases.

According to the state law in Utah, every driver must possess a minimum car insurance coverage. This insurance might be your only option to retrieve incurred losses after an accident. Filing a lawsuit against the guilty driver is a complicated process. You might need the help of a car accident lawyer.

What Are the No-Fault Car Insurance Rules?

If you meet with a car accident in Utah, your Personal Injury Protection coverage will pay all your medical bills. The insurance policy will cover other immediate expenses too. But, the non-medical expense or the emotional trauma due to the accident, no insurance will give you compensation for that.

There are specific rules that your injuries during an accident must fulfill to file a lawsuit against the guilty driver.

Utah’s Rules to File a Lawsuit against the Guilty Driver:

In certain conditions, Utah’s no-fault rules do not apply. You can file a lawsuit to get a third-party claim if-

  • The accident caused acute injury to the driver or passenger, leading to permanent disability.
  • The accident caused permanent impairment to the person filing the case.
  • Permanent disfigurement happened due to the accident.
  • The collision caused the dismemberment of the person filing the lawsuit.

In any of the above cases, the injured person can hold the guilty driver responsible for his irreparable loss. Thus, through a personal injury lawsuit, they can claim compensation. They can get compensation for all the damages, including the pain and trauma caused by the accident. The lawyers at Moxie Law Group are dedicated to fighting for their client’s rights.

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