Distracted driving accidents are among the most common causes of serious injuries and fatalities in Idaho. But, distracted driving is underreported and the majority of drivers do not admit to violating the state laws on texting and driving. If you have been a victim of a car accident caused by a distracted driver, you should call an idaho car accident attorney to help you with the legalities associated with filing an accident claim. To have a valid claim, you must prove that the other driver was texting while driving or negligent. If you believe your crash resulted from distracted driving, you must act quickly to preserve evidence you can use to support your claim. You need an attorney to help you with this. Here are other reasons you should work with an accident lawyer:

They Will Find Red Flags

A driver can be operating their vehicle while distracted when they ignore or fail to respond to traffic signals and lights on time, drive their car at inconsistent speed, take sudden turns, control the lane poorly, and do not use turn signals. Also, a driver can get distracted if the are foods, beverages, and maps in their car. If the circumstances that surround your car accident suggest distracted driving, a skilled attorney will investigate your case carefully. They may interview witnesses, review video footage, and consult with experts. 

You Must Preserve Electronic Records

Your attorney can obtain electronic evidence that documents distracted driving. For instance, phone logs can determine phone usage before or during a car accident. Also, sensor systems on a lot of vehicles can help pinpoint when the motorist step on their brakes or veered into oncoming traffic. Your attorney can also check traffic and dashboard camera footage to determine how the crash happened. 

They Work with Experts

If you are physically able, consider taking photos of the accident scene. But, your attorney may identify evidence you may miss. This is the reason they usually send their investigators out to the accident scene as soon as possible to document skid marks and trails. An accident reconstruction specialist can use this information can recreate the accident digitally. The expert can present a model of how the crash took place based on the accident reports, testimony from witnesses, and car damage. Through these expert opinions, jurors can understand the specific mechanisms that result in your injuries and how a driver’s distracting driving practice has led to your accident.  

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