The number of semi-accidents in the US is on the rise, putting more drivers and passengers at risk each year. What are the differences between this type of accident and others? Semi accidents are not always one car or truck colliding with another. They can be caused by a driver swerving dangerously to miss an animal in the road, running off the road due to inclement weather, or simply hydroplaning on wet roads. You can go to any Albuquerque Semi Injury Lawyers to claim compensation for all types of semi accidents.

However, semi accident is the term usually used when a large truck collides with another vehicle. Semi accidents are different in the United States when compared to other countries due to the volume of trucks on the road and the development of highway infrastructure.  After studying and researching statistics, AAA found that Americans had more close calls with semi trucks than citizens of any other country.

A semi accident can be a horrific event. These accidents are often the result of a lack of situational awareness or distracted driving. Some semi accidents happen when drivers have been drinking alcohol or using drugs. These accidents, once they do occur, have the potential to become catastrophic events. In the US, there are different laws for truck drivers under different circumstances. 

Let us now see the most common causes for semi accidents in Albuquerque.

  • Distracted driving

Overly engaging is one of the most common of these distractions. Cell phone use has been shown to increase the risk of a crash by up to four times. In order to help limit that risk for yourself and others on the road, you must know how to manage your phone when driving.

  • Overspeeding

The higher the speed, the harder it is for a driver to stop. When you’re going 70mph, it will take 50% longer for you to reach a complete stop than if you were going 30mph. Semi drivers often need this time because they have brakes that aren’t always up to par with other vehicles.

  • Driving under the influence

The number of alcohol-related driving accidents is on the rise. Last year, over 10% of all drivers who were killed in car crashes had alcohol in their system. Alcohol impairs judgment and motor skills, which can lead to accidents and fatalities.

  • Vehicle malfunctions

Semi accidents due to vehicle malfunctions are a serious danger on the roads. While semi drivers are trained and required to be aware of how to react in the event of a malfunction, they are not infallible, and mistakes happen. In recent years, more and more semis have been involved in fatal crashes with other vehicles. 

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