Before investing in Digital Marketing, you need to know that there are pillars to be polished. Otherwise, your internet business could be harmed. Every self-employed professional want to attract new clients. After all, this is an effective way to keep the business going.

However, there are those architects and designers who seek to remain in the market through nominations. And they end up forgetting to adopt other measures, like starting to invest in Digital Marketing, for example. It turns out that to close new contracts, it is necessary to move.

In this sense, it is worth using all the tools available to make this happen.

This article will explore some of the essential factors that every architect or designer needs to know before investing in Digital Marketing or you can visit website.

What You Need To Know Before Investing In Digital Marketing

But without further ado, let’s break down everything you need to know before investing in Digital Marketing:

1 – Who Is Your Persona

First, you need to find out who your Persona is. The Persona, in short, is the ideal customer profile you want to reach. In other words, it is the representation of the right figure to make your business take off!

Therefore, before starting your investments in the digital environment, it is essential to have this representation clearly defined in your head. Start by evaluating the following questions:

  • What is the gender of this Persona?
  • How old is she?
  • What social networks does she have a presence on?
  • What is the average salary for this person?

From these first assessments, you can draw a profile that will represent your “ideal customer.”

As a result, it will be easier to make decisions regarding the strategies adopted in your digital business. Above all, it will help you produce specific content for that consumer.

2 – Before Investing In Digital Marketing, It Is Necessary To Have Goals

It is common to have a board with goals to help us meet deadlines and everything else at the office. However, before starting your investments in Digital Marketing, it is essential to have a plan related to your growth expectations. In this gap, it’s worth remembering that digital work will be an offshoot of your office work and that, in turn, it needs to grow independently.

A good tip is to create medium to long-term goals. That’s because, to have a consolidated business on the internet, patience is needed.

3 – What is Content Marketing and SEO

Knowing that your Persona will need a way to reach you, you must create your structure based on Inbound Marketing (Attraction Marketing). In general terms, Inbound Marketing comprises three fundamental pillars:

Content Marketing – Production of quality content on blogs, websites, and social networks to attract an audience;

SEO Techniques – Optimization of pages for search engines (content and pages need to adapt to the requirements of search engines to be indexed and found by users on the network);

Sponsored Links – Creation of paid ads to promote the brand image on the internet (Google Ads and Facebook Ads).

Although this strategy brings results in the medium/long term, it is worth saying that it is the only one that guarantees organic and qualified traffic for your business. As a result, you guarantee a recurring sales flow!

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