When it comes to divorce proceedings including children, it is always important to keep the child’s best interest in mind when making decisions. If you believe that your soon-to-be ex may have a mental illness that could impact your child in a negative way or put them in a dangerous situation, it may be a good idea to request a psychological evaluation during the child custody battle. Keep reading to learn about appropriate scenarios where seeking these sort of evaluations may be vital for your child’s well-being.

Different Kinds of Psychological Evaluations

Even if there are no serious indications of psychological issues, many child custody battles might require some type of mental evaluation. The court system always needs to make sure both parents are capable and not a threat to the child. These tests may include:

  • The Rorschach Inkblot Test
  • The Thematic Apperception Test
  • The Bricklin Perceptual Scales
  • The Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory

While all of these tests can help uncover adult psychological disorders, they differ in many ways. For example, the Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventory is simply a series of true and false questions while the Bricklin Perceptual Scales is based on how the child views his or her parents. While these evaluations can play a part in the custody trial, they do not determine the final outcome, that is always the judge’s decision. It is also important to note that in most cases, unless the situation is severe, only one of these tests are usually given to both parties.

When Are These Tests Absolutely Necessary?

Deciding whether or not to request psychological tests is not an easy task. If your ex has not shown obvious signs of behavioral problems or mental illness, asking for them could make it appear as if you are seeking revenge on your ex. Always consult with a Metairie divorce and child custody lawyer before you decide to invest the money, time, and emotional energy into additional court proceedings. On a final note, if you do decide to request an evaluation, remember that you will also be required to take the same evaluation.

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