When you work on a construction site, an accident may occur. The challenge is knowing who is responsible for the injury because different parties could be responsible. Depending on the accident situation, you may file a claim against the contractor, subcontractor, property owner, machinery manufacturer, and more. You, therefore, have to understand the individual or company responsible for the injury.

Remember that, at a construction sites, you are exposed to dangerous worksite conditions that increase your susceptibility to get into a serious accident. Some of the accidents may include unsafe and dangerous equipment, exposure to contaminants and toxic chemicals, falling from scaffolding, and being struck by machinery. Therefore, at construction sites, there are different parties involved. According to the experienced construction accident lawyers at Friedman Levy in New York City, you must fully understand who are involved to help determine the one responsible for your accident.

Construction Site Owner

The first individual who may be liable for your accident to sue is the property owner. However, this will depend on the control the landowner has on the ongoing project. The individual could be liable when controlling the land as the project continues.

The construction site owner should make sure that everyone working on the property is safe. Therefore, they should inform the people working there about the hazards of the property. If the property owner becomes negligent on such essential matters, they should be responsible after an accident.

Prime Contractors

The other party that could be responsible for your accident on a construction site are the prime contractors. These are responsible only after the accident is outlined in their prime contract roles. These could be responsible for the accidents even after delegating sub-contractors. And that is why an accident that occurs during the work they oversee makes them liable.

General and Sub-general Contractors

The other group that may be liable for your accident at the construction site is the contractor. This is because the contractor should ensure the safety of the workers at the construction site. These construction sites need to remain reasonably safe.

On the other hand, a contractor has a legal duty of informing workers or people in the site of defects or dangerous hazards present on the site.

In addition, a contractor ensures that work at the site is performed safely. This duty extends to providing the people hired in a construction site are competent, and the work complies with safety regulations.

Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment

Construction machinery and equipment manufacturers are responsible for a construction site accident when they design dangerous equipment or defective parts. This is the moment you can file a claim against the company.

Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers could be liable for an accident on the construction site. That is because it’s their responsibility to ensure the projects they create are safe and practical. Failure to that, an accident may occur, making these professionals responsible. It is the role of architects and engineers to ensure a construction site meets safety codes.

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