There are many milestones in a person’s life and one of the most exciting is becoming a property owner, which is far from easy with rising land prices. Saving that deposit is a long-term mission and for most couples, this signifies they have everything in place to start the process, which can seem daunting.

Here are a few aspects of buying real estate to consider.

Home Loan

Of course, you need to find a lender and the online mortgage broker is the place to find a good loan package, one that suits you. Once they have your financial details, they can approach lenders and when you receive ‘pre-approval’, you can start looking at properties within your price range.


Once you find a suitable home, approach the property solicitors in Parramatta and they will guide you through the complex legal process of property ownership. It is essential to use a conveyancing lawyer when buying or selling real estate to ensure everything is legal and in order and their charges are usually fixed, which avoids nasty surprises further down the road.

Taxes & Duty

The Australian government will waive the stamp duty on your first home purchase, providing it falls within their limits and the property solicitor will inform you as to any fees that are due. There’s a lot of information in the Internet regarding real estate fees and taxation and Google is your best friend.

Fixtures & Fittings

There are inevitable expenses when moving into a new build and even though you plan to do things step by step, screening and floor coverings won’t wait. This can get out of hand and you are advised to crunch the numbers to get a clear idea of exactly what you need in the new home.


The last stage is actually moving all of your possessions into the new home, which can be more than a little stressful; you could save money and rent a small truck and with the help of a friend or two, you will be in your own home. It usually takes a month or two to get things how you like them and as far as improvements go, this is ongoing and depends on budget.

Once you own property, you start accumulating equity and that should lead to a secure retirement many years in the future. Don’t forget to invite a few close friends for a house warming party, which is traditional.

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