In Nevada State, first and second DUI convictions are usually considered misdemeanour crimes. If you are convicted the third time for DUI, then the crime is considered a felony. However, there are specific situations that make first or second DUI crime a felony one rather than a misdemeanour.

According to the Nevada State law, once a person is convicted of a single felony DUI, all subsequent DUI offences will be charged as felony crimes. Even you get arrested for driving under the influence after seven years later after your previous DUI conviction, your crime will be considered a felony.

Like all other felony crimes, felony DUI conviction can make it difficult for you to secure employment in the future and probably limit your rights to own a gun or vote. Given these harsh consequences of a felony DUI conviction, it’s in your best interest to consult a highly skilled Las Vegas DUI lawyer for legal counsel and representation.

What makes DUI a felony?

The following situations can make a DUI rise from misdemeanour category to a felony crime.

  • If a drunk driver causes substantial bodily harm or severe injuries to another individual
  • If you cause an accident that results in the death of the other driver or passenger while driving under the influence
  • If the drunk driver has two or more previous DUI convictions
  • If your last DUI conviction was a felony regardless of how many convictions you had

Any of these four situations can result in a felony conviction in your criminal record. Such a conviction carries hefty fines and serious jail time in Nevada. For instance, you may end serving two o 15 years in prison and pay fines of 2000 dollars to $5000.

Once you get out of prison and you plan to drive again, you will have to install Breath Interlock device on your car. The device prevents your vehicle from starting in case your breath alcohol content exceeds the limit set by the court. Besides, the court might impose a rehabilitation requirement (and you will have to take care of all the necessary expenses), community service, or any other post-prison requirement before your DUI case is closed.

DUI is a serious charge in Nevada regardless of whether it’s your first or second crime. All the departments concerned with law enforcement are interested in keeping drunk drivers off all Nevada roads, particularly in Las Vegas as it’s popular for its party scene. In case you get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, an aggressive and experienced attorney to handle your DUI case and face the court on your behalf.

Whether it’s a misdemeanour or felony DUI, don’t handle it alone. If someone was injured or the accident resulted in substantial property loss, you may end up compensating the plaintiff or victim for the damages. These are complex circumstances, and one of the best ways of handling such issues is by having a skilled attorney on your side.

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