Nobody ever expects to be arrested, but sometimes the unexpected happens. If you know someone who was arrested for speeding, public intoxication, or any other reason, you may need to help bail them out of jail until their hearing. Getting a bail bond for someone may seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, but this quick guide will help you know what to expect.

Understand What a Bondsman Does

First, it helps to know what a bondsman does. Bail bondsmen are professionals who post a defendant’s bail when he or she doesn’t have enough money. Bondsmen make a profit by charging a non-refundable fee, which typically runs about 10% of the total bail amount. People who provide bail bonds Allentown PA rely on the defendants attending court dates. If they don’t, the bondsman loses money and is granted permission to hire a bounty hunter to bring the defendant to court. He or she may also sue the defendant in civil court.

Find a Bondsman Near You

Now that you know what a bondsman does, you’ll need to find a local one. Choosing a legitimate bondsman is important. Look for someone who has positive online reviews, operates within the court system the jailed person is in and provides a detailed contract that outlines all the fees and conditions of posting the bail. Be sure to verify that the bondsman is licensed and read the contract thoroughly before signing it. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to put up collateral, such as a car, to protect the bondsman.

Wait for the Bondsman To Post Bail

As soon as the contract is signed, the bondsman will post the bail. From there, it’s a matter of waiting gon the courts. The amount of time it takes for someone to be released from jail after posting bail depends on how much work the court system currently has as well as what time the bond was posted.

Following the Conditions of the Bail

To avoid losing your collateral, it’s important that the person who was released from jail follows the conditions of his or her bail. In addition to showing up for all scheduled court dates, there may be other conditions. Common ones include keeping a job, avoiding alcohol and drugs, or not driving without a license.

If your friend or family member is in jail, you likely want them to be released as soon as possible. Pay a visit to a reputable bail bondsman to expedite the process and get your loved one safe at home.

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