You may think commercial lease disputes are simply bad luck, but there are numerous things you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing one. Read on to discover some key actions you can take to allow plain sailing in the bays of commercial leasing.

Always Have a Contract

They best way of circumventing commercial lease disputes is to always use a contract to outline the terms and conditions of the lease. Without this, you’re going in blind. Hire yourself a reputable lawyer and get them to draft a lease contract, or look over the one you’re being offered.

Be Reasonable

The chances are that you believe yourself to be a reasonable person, but almost everyone believes that about themselves, whether it’s true or not. The real test of such a belief is your behaviour. How do you act towards the business renting your premises? How do you act towards the owner of your business headquarters? Actions speak volumes about how a person regards you, and how you regard them. Try to come to an amicable compromise to any request from the other party, and you may just avoid commercial lease disputes on your watch. 

Get Good Help

You should have lawyers involved at an early stage to steer clear of commercial lease disputes. Lawyers can give you the benefit of their experience and legal knowledge, built from past cases similar to yours. You will need a lawyer to look over the fine print of the lease and ensure there’s nothing unlawful in it and that your rights are being respected. Lawyers can also help you find mediation services if things have gone south and you need to remedy the situation.

Have It All In Writing

The best idea when it comes to commercial lease disputes is to avoid one by putting everything in writing in the first place. Then there’s none of the ‘he said, she said’ back and forth that can happen when verbal misunderstandings occur. When something is written down in black and white, it’s much easier to understand and harder to refute.

Understand Eviction

You need to understand in what circumstances an eviction could occur so that you can do your best to avoid it if you’re the business renting the premises. An eviction is a very turbulent event, both personally and for a business, so if you can prepare yourself, you should. If you know the ins and outs of the commercial lease you’ve signed, you’ll know how to protect your business from this potential turmoil. Commercial lease disputes often occur when parties do not understand the contract in question. 

Always Pay Your Rent On Time

If you’re the business renting out the space, then you must always pay your rent on time. Commercial lease disputes can begin over the most simple and straightforward things. If you’re the owner of the space, make paying rent an obvious and easy process. Always aim to have a good relationship with your owner or renting business.

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