If you have been involved in an accident, it is important to call your insurer and inform them of the incident whether or not you were at fault.  This is crucial in that it gives you the opportunity to learn about the several coverages in your policy that you may want to use. Your insurance company will only pay out if they know about the basics of the accident.

Note that the way you talk to your insurance company following an accident can be different from the way you talk to a third party’s insurer. This article provides you with important tips to keep in mind when contacting your insurance company after an accident.

Keep proof of notifications

If you notify your insurance company of the accident through an insurance agent, ask them to provide you with a letter acknowledging that you notified them and showing that the information was indeed forwarded to the company’s claims department. Most companies will send a letter confirming that they have received your notification through their claim’s department. Sometimes it is just better to contact the company directly.

Consider seeking the counsel of an Austin injury lawyer to help you determine if there is a provision in your policy through which you can file a claim. If you end up actually filing a claim, you will have given your insurance company the right to access and review your work and medical records, to be paid by you if you seek compensation from a third party, to inspect your vehicle, and to receive maximum cooperation from you.

Do not manipulate the facts

Insurance companies reject claims on the slightest reasons. By tweaking what you consider to be trivial information, you are putting yourself at risk of getting your claim denied for no good reason. It is advisable that you stick to the story you gave out initially.

Also, do not give too much detail. The little details may be subject to investigation and this could slow down your case or even lead to confusions later. Instead of specifics consider giving estimates for the finer details.

Do not admit fault

Even when you feel you were clearly at fault for an accident, it would be wise to remain silent and let the insurance adjustor investigate the case and come to their own conclusions. Most accidents in Texas are caused by more than one party and admitting blame will simply encourage the insurance company to ignore the other parties’ contribution to the accident. When it comes to legal matters, righteousness doesn’t carry any weight and no one will recognize it. Simply avoid contradicting yourself and provide only the information that is needed.


Be careful what you tell your insurance company when you call to report an accident. Do not submit to the urge to explain why you think you should be compensated. Give them the general details of the accident such as where it happened, when it happened, and names and contact information of the other parties involved. Refrain from giving a recorded statement of the incident in the heat of the moment.

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