When you decide to move a vulnerable loved one into a nursing home or assisted living center, you do so in the belief they will receive quality care and attention there. Unfortunately, while at the nursing home, loved ones may be exposed to some ills, abuse, and neglect, most of which go unnoticed.

What’s more painful is the fact that this perpetrators of such acts go Scot-free. Their heinous acts go unnoticed because they are often in control of the victims’ access to the outside world. In Tennessee alone, only 1 in 23 cases is reported!

Abuse and neglect is not just physical. It can be emotional, sexual or mental as well. There are some abuse signs that you can look out for when visiting your loved ones at nursing homes. These signs are usually an indicator of ongoing acts at the nursing home which affect your loved ones adversely.

If you find out that your loved one is being abused or neglected at the nursing home, you should contact an experienced Cleveland nursing home neglect attorney. The attorney can help you and your family to receive the compensation you deserve and ensure that justice is served.

Recognizing and Identification of Signs of Neglect and Abuse

Abuse in a nursing home takes one of two forms.

i.    The condition of the facility.

The entire facility should be clean, properly equipped and safe for all residents and visitors. Furthermore, the staff should be well trained and ever present to attend to attend to the needs of the patients. Should the facility or building not be up to the required standards, you should speak with the administration of the home. If no action is taken, you should report to the proper authorities of immediate action.

ii.    Conduct of the Employees

Abuses may be physical, emotional, or sexual. Physical injuries may include bruises, lacerations, and signs of falls. The ALF (Assisted Living Facility) notifies people when their relatives at nursing homes fall. If no notification is received and you notice bruises, you should ask them the source of such bruises to get the clear picture.

As absurd as it sounds, seniors can be sexually abused while at nursing homes. You should closely observe for any STI symptoms, stained undergarments or bruises on sensitive body regions such as breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

Emotional abuse hurt more than physical abuse. Emotional abuse can be in the form of public humiliation, bullying or use of threats, and use of harsh language. If you observe this emotional signs, you should consult with your attorney on the way forward.

Hiring a Nursing Home Attorney

Now that you are well aware of the signs to look out for, the big question most people have is. “What do I do next now?” Here are three key reasons why you should hire an attorney

1)    An attorney can push to ensure that the dangerous situation gets the necessary legal attention it deserves. This is important as it makes the general public to know about such acts and empowers them to take action should they notice such acts again.

2)    An experienced attorney can help you file a personal injury claim and ensure you receive compensation for your damages. This compensation can help in the payment of expensive medical bills and even buy medicine.

3)    Despite receiving compensation, the pain, and suffering that your loved one went through still lingers. An attorney can help restore a sense of justice to such victims and make them feel like they have gotten something back.

This is a wakeup call. Nursing home abuse and mistreatment is often unnoticed and kept under the radar. This is because of the short time periods one is allowed to spend with their relatives at nursing homes. It is important to identify the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse and call a nursing home abuse attorney.

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