An airport is a place where various parties can be held liable for slip and fall accidents. The facts on your case will determine the responsible party in that specific situation. Keep in mind, the party whose negligence led you to slip and fall should be responsible for the losses. Other times, more than one party can be liable for slip and fall accidents. However, there are some potential defendants in any airport that may be the direct causes of these incidents.

When you slip and fall in a private airport and become injured, the owner will be liable. Also, depending on your facts, careless vendors could take the liability of your airport slip and fall accident. If your injury takes place in a public authority, the airport authority becomes liable. These are usually the government agencies having limited liability. In these cases, they typically have different rules and procedures. Therefore, you will need an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle claims where the government is involved.

If a careless individual is negligent in the private or public airport, they can be held liable for your slip and fall accident. For example, when walking behind someone, the individual spills coffee in front of you, which may cause you to lose your foot and fall. The individual will take the liability for the accident. Determining the party involved in your accident may be a hassle. You need a reasonable attorney who can help you crack the case and get compensation. When you slip and fall in an airport, hire a lawyer to help determine the party involved in your slip and fall accident.

How Can A Vendor’s Negligence Lead to slip and fall Injuries in an Airport?

To sue the liable party for your slip and fall accident may be complicated because it is a process that requires you to prove negligence. At the end of the case, you want to gain financial damage compensation, thus making the process more complex. However, we have established some facts that can show a vendor, such as a restaurant, was negligent.

Breach of Duty

This is considered negligent when other people’s actions don’t measure the legal duty of care. For example, in a restaurant, there are spills on the floor that may cause you to slip and fall. It would have been better when the restaurant could have placed non-skid, absorbent mats on the surface. But the restaurant did not.

Duty of Care

Everyone working in an airport has a duty of care. This is, therefore, something that the defendant should owe you. Let’s say when in an airport, you slip and fall because of a fault by a restaurant. The restaurant owes you the duty to be responsible for not keeping its premises safe for all.

Measurable Harm

In this situation, you need to have quantifiable harm – like the physical injuries after the slip and fall accident. If you are to sue the restaurant, your facts should meet the above four required factors. This makes the party liable for your losses.

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